A Dutch Team Is Developing a Tesla Shooting Brake

The long-roofed Model S will be unveiled in March and sold in extremely limited numbers.

byJoe D'Allegro| UPDATED Oct 30, 2017 5:36 PM
A Dutch Team Is Developing a Tesla Shooting Brake

A Dutch company is making a limited run of shooting brake conversions based on the Tesla Model S. RemetzCar plans to make a limited run of 20 of these stylish station wagons, with fully bespoke interiors and other options available upon request. 

The company, based outside Amsterdam in The Netherlands, has been modifying cars since 1996. It is best known as a limousine maker, having stretched Mercedes E- and S-Class sedans, the Bentley Mulsanne, and Audi's big A8, among others. But RemetzCar also makes a range of specialty vehicles and one-offs based on customer requests – such as six-wheeled Range Rovers, and a cute but disturbing “Child Hearse” crafted from a Fiat 500. 

Tesla has been building cars in The Netherlands since 2013, and is well-known to the Dutch. In fact, RemetzCar has worked on long-roof conversions of the Model S before, as The Drive notes in this piece from 2016 on the eco-friendly hearse it built.

The new project was commissioned by Dutch car enthusiast Floris de Raadt.  

RemetzCar teamed with Niels van Roij, a Dutch designer working in London, to help develop the shooting brake's look.  The designer developed several options aimed at keeping conversion costs in check, RemetzCar noted in its press release about the project. 

The company has begun building the first of these Tesla shooting brakes, and plans to unveil the finished car in early March.