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Tesla Recalls 53,000 Cars For Parking Brake Issues

Both the Model S and Model X are involved.

Tesla issued a voluntary recall Thursday for about 53,000 cars including both Model S sedans and Model X SUVs, according to CNET and an email from the automaker sent to customers.

The problem that Tesla has taken note of stems from a manufacturing fault with its electronic parking brakes on some of its sedans and SUVs, according to an email Tesla sent out to car owners. The issue could cause the parking brake on the car to not release, which would make driving the car pretty much impossible. No accidents or injuries have been caused by the issue that’s involved in the recall, according to the email. 

To fix the potentially-problematic parking brakes, Tesla will be replacing the parts that could potentially cause issues. According to Tesla, the problems stem from a gear within the parking brake system that could potentially fail. Tesla claimed that no cars have ever rolled out of park or were unable to stop because of this issue.

The fix takes less than 45 minutes to complete and some service centers already have the part in stock, according to CNET

As noted by automotive journalist Ed Niedermeyer, Tesla owners have been complaining about similar parking brake issues on online forums since July 2015. 

Cars affected were built between February and October 2016, according to the email. Owners with potentially faulty cars will be notified by email with details on the recall.