Tesla Recalling 7,000 Overheating Charging Adapters

This marks the first recall of a Tesla accessory.

Hi, I’m Eric Goeres and this is Drive Wire.

Tesla announced today that is is voluntarily recalling seven thousand adapters for electric vehicle charging after two reports of overheating leading to melting plastic.

Two customers reported the overheating adapters to Tesla in November, and there was no damage beyond the adapter itself melting. The adapters, NEMA 14-30’s, are sometimes used to couple a Tesla to a clothes-dryer outlet for recharging. The couplers were manufactured by an outside supplier and haven’t been sold by Tesla for six months.

This recall affects only US customers, and those affected can expect to receive a replacement coupler in a few weeks. In the meantime, use of the couplers should be suspended.

This is tesla’s 5th recall since the first delivery of the Model S in June 2012, although this is the first recall of an accessory. A year ago, Tesla called back 90,000 Model S’s because of one report of a seat belt not connecting properly. In April, 3,000 Model X’s were called back for problems with the 3-rd row seats.

I’m Eric Goeres and this is Drive Wire for December 7th, 2017. Be sure to check out the for additional coverage of all things on the move.