Floyd Mayweather Will Tell You How Much His New Bugatti Cost

If you post your new Bug and 300,000 people don’t “like” it, do people even know you’re rich?

Floyd “Money” Mayweather has taken to Instagram, the sepia-toned medium of conspicuous consumption, to show off his brand-new, 255-mph Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, purchased for $3,498,000. (Mayweather, ever demure, listed the price only to the thousand.)

This seasonally appropriate ode to spill-it-on-the-floor-like-Dom Perignon wealth, cloaked in orange and matte black, is actually one of the more elegant posts on Mayweather’s Instagram. Scrolling back, one comes across photos of a questionable Star of David-embroidered ballcap atop a pile of money, a pile of money next to a bag of money and a Mayweather original quote: “They say money doesn’t bring you happiness… I say… Neither does being broke.” Floyd Mayweather, methodically dismantling pith like it was Manny Pacquiao.

So, a career of hits to the frontal lobe doesn’t leave one with Wilde’s wit. It does, as Mayweather would point out, leave one with a $350 million fortune. Congratulations on all the money, Floyd, and drive safe.