YouTuber Scores Shotgun Seat in First Bugatti Centodieci Nurburgring Ridealong

Not exactly the lap we were expecting, but a cool and fast lap nonetheless.

byLewin Day|
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Limited edition Bugattis are growing thick on the ground lately. The Centodieci is one of their more exclusive releases, however, with only ten slated to be made. The French automaker has been developing the car ahead of its launch later this year, and recently took YouTuber Misha Charoudin out for a ride around the Nürburgring in the 1,600 horsepower hypercar.

Amazingly, Misha actually had his pick of multiple Bugattis for the ride-along, with the Chiron Super Sport 300+, Divo, and Chiron Pur Sport all in attendance on the day. Ultimately, while the Pur Sport is the most focused track weapon, Misha had experienced the car before and thus elected to go with the Centodieci instead. 


The lap is by no means an all-out, full-tilt track assault, landing somewhere around eight minutes Bridge-to-Gantry as most tourist laps as measured. Full throttle is rarely applied, and there isn't a whole lot of riding the kerbs to make the most of the track width available. However, that doesn't mean there's a total lack of drama; particularly amusing is Misha's reaction to wheelspin at over 150 km/h (about 93 mph) in the lead-up to the famous Carousel banked corner. 

The video of the full lap is embedded below for your watching pleasure.

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As for the Bugatti Centodieci, it's a tribute to the French company's earlier EB110 supercar from the 1990s, hence the name, which means "one hundred at ten" in Italian. If you're wondering why a French company would choose a name in a foreign language, consider that the French word for the same number is "cent dix," and thus is somewhat less appealing in a global context. 

The car packs an uprated 1,600 horsepower version of the Chiron's 8.0-liter, 16-cylinder, quad-turbocharged engine. It's electronically limited to a top speed of 236 mph, somewhat slower than the Chiron—mostly due to the limited edition car trading low drag for high downforce. It should provide extra grip, particularly at higher speeds, making it more of a focused track weapon rather than an outright land speed contender.

The Centodieci's test can also be witnessed from other angles in this cool video by AutoMotiveMike on YouTube, which shows the outrageous white car in addition to a Chiron Pur Sport lapping the 'Ring. It's unclear if the videos were taken during Misha's outing, but they appear to have happened on or around the same time, given the weather and track conditions.

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With only 10 Centodiecis set to be produced, you needn't worry about learning to pronounce its name as it's unlikely you'll be seeing one in person any time soon. There's plenty of other special Bugattis out there, anyway; our own Kristen Lee will shortly report back on what it's like to drive one of sixty Chiron Pur Sports, and the one-of-one La Voiture Noire may be the most expensive new car ever sold. There's not many, but there's a lot, if you catch my drift. 

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