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Audi’s E-Tron Scooter-Skateboard Mashup is a Modern Motocompo

Audi's newest E-Scooter is eerily similar to a concept Honda had in the 1980s. And we're here for it.

To meet the needs of the world’s ever-growing population, of which most live in densely populated urban areas, automaker Audi has added a new product to its growing E-Tron lineup with an e-scooter that fits in the back of the E-Tron SUV. Say hello to the Audi E-Tron Scooter that blends a mobility solution with a distinctly Audi all-electric appliance flair.

via Audi

The E-Tron Scooter is less like the traditional two-handed e-scooter one would typically see offered by companies like Bird and more along the lines of a skateboard with a handle. In fact, piloting one of the scooters is said to be a familiar feel to those who have ridden on a skateboard before. Riders use one hand to grasp the single handlebar for balance and shift their weight on the wide deck in order to maneuver the wheels into a steer.

The batteries and electronics are also localized to the steering handle on the front of the scooter. Riders can accelerate and brake by twisting the grip in the center of the handlebar, and can check the scooter’s charge by glancing at a central charge ring.

The controls for the E-Tron Scooter are found in the handlebar, via Audi

In total, the E-Tron Scooter weighs just 26 pounds. Audi says that despite it being lightweight, it stores enough juice to propel the rider up to 12.5 miles thanks to incorporating regenerative braking into the scooter’s design; as the scooter brakes, it converts kinetic energy back into usable energy to extend its range. And when it runs low on battery, owners who happen to have also purchased a full-size E-Tron vehicle will be able to recharge the scooter from within the trunk of their car.

Wait a second—a micro-mobility device aimed at last-mile commuting and carried in the trunk of a larger vehicle? This concept sounds eerily similar to something we’ve seen before from Honda.

Readers who love weird Japanese classic vehicles will instantly recognize the similarities between the E-Tron and something Honda sold in the 1980s: the Motocompo.

The Honda Motocompo fit into the trunk of the Honda City., via Honda

The Motocompo was a collapsable “trunk bike” bundled as an optional add-on with the sale of a Japan-only commuter called the Honda City. The 2.5-horsepower 50cc bike could fold away into the rear hatch and was meant to navigate the last mile of the urban sprawl after parking the vehicle. Honda marketed the duo as a perfect urban mobility solution, outlining the best of both the four-wheel and two-wheel lifestyle.

Audi’s concept for the E-Tron Scooter is very much like that of the Motocompo, but instead of a two-wheeled gasoline-powered bike with the aerodynamics of a large briefcase, owners will find themselves skating along in a more modern electric platform. And while the scooter doesn’t have the same ranger as the Motocompo, the fact that it can be recharged once it re-enters the trunk is a huge selling point.

Those looking to buy an Audi E-Tron Scooter can do so for $2,238 (2,000 Euros) when they become available near the end of 2020. Audi says that they also plan on offering the scooter as an extra for new E-Tron customers. 

If Audi wants to hit us up, we’d be more than happy to pit the E-Tron and E-Tron Scooter up against the Honda City and Motocompo.