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Audi Exec Announces 50-Car Production Run of 671-HP PB18 E-tron: Report

Audi's handsome PB18 E-tron reportedly won't be doomed to fade into obscurity as a concept car.

An Audi executive has reportedly confirmed that the German automaker will produce its electric PB18 E-tron concept car.

Audi Holland’s CEO Bram Schot reportedly revealed the news to media at a Wednesday launch event for the Audi E-tron electric crossover, according to Autoweek Netherlands. Production for the all-electric supercar will reportedly be limited to 50 cars.

The PB18 E-tron was first revealed at Monterey Car Week in August of 2018, and established a design trend that future electric Audis (such as the E-tron GT) will follow. Using a solid-state, 95 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery, the PB18 E-tron can travel up to 310 miles on a full charge, or it can burn through said charge with 671 all-wheel horsepower and 612 pound-feet of torque. Zero-to-60 is claimed to take just over two seconds, and an empty battery is expected to recharge to full in 15 minutes with inductive charging.

Driving position in the PB18 can be slid left, right, or center, depending on preferred position. Audi joked that the model will have “Level 0 autonomy” in reference to the SAE’s tiers of vehicular automation, meaning that the PB18 will use no driving automation processes whatsoever.

Schot did not specify whether the most advanced features of the concept car—its solid-state battery or inductive fast-charging capabilities—will make production, though the former can reasonably be counted out, as Tesla’s battery supplier Panasonic says solid-state batteries for EVs are likely a decade off at least. Audi as a member of the Volkswagen Auto Group will benefit from the corporation’s partnership with fast-charging infrastructure giant Ionity, which is developing inductive fast-chargers meant for compatibility with the auto giant’s vehicles, the PB18 included.

The Drive contacted Audi for confirmation of Schot’s statements and information on the production PB18, and we will update when we receive comment.