Watch the Gorgeous Audi E-Tron GT Drive Under Its Own Power

The Audi e-tron GT may be whisper-quiet, but it's still packing 590 horsepower and Quattro all-wheel drive.

Audi’s upcoming e-tron GT electric sedan has been filmed on the go, and it’s… pretty quiet—and awesome-looking.

Revealed by Audi in full guise at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, the e-tron GT shares components with its platform-mate the Porsche Taycan, which now it turns out it’s pronounced tie-con and not tay-kahn. Beyond the chassis, windshield, and presumably parts of the drivetrain, the e-tron and Taycan differ; their bodies were intentionally designed to share nothing but the windshield, and their stated power outputs will as well.

Audi’s car will produce 590 horsepower, while Porsche has promised more than 600. Range is also expected to vary between the two models, Audi having claimed 250 miles on WLTP test protocols, and the Porsche 311 miles, though Porsche hasn’t stated whether this will match with NEDC, WLTP, or EPA test protocols.

As for what all that power can do, we’re not about to find out. Audi isn’t about to put its prototype e-tron GT through rigorous public performance tests, let alone stage some in an underground parking garage, but based on a video of the car filmed by Autobild (and re-uploaded by a twitter user), we can be sure that the E-tron GT we saw on the stage in Los Angeles isn’t some immobile design studio display piece.

Audi will deploy the E-tron GT as the hero car for Tony Stark in Marvel’s “The Avengers 4,” due for release in May of 2019. Those other than Robert Downey Junior will have to wait until 2021 to get their claws around the E-tron GT’s steering wheel, as that’s when deliveries for the model are expected to begin.