You Can Get Up To $13,000 Off a 2019 Audi E-Tron at Costco

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We're used to saving money on toilet paper, rotisserie chickens, and even tires thanks to Costco. But what about German electric crossovers? According to a dealer incentive bulletin brought to our attention via CarsDirect, the warehouse store is running a deal that lets buyers save up to $13,000 on a new, 2019 model year Audi E-Tron

From the Costco Auto Program site, Costco members can get a $2,000 cash bonus on all 2019 E-Trons purchased or leased from now until March 31. As icing on the cake, a $500 Costco Cash Card awaits those who take the time to fill out a survey post-purchase. All you gotta do is activate the discount certificate online, punch in your Costco membership info, and remember to bring the certificate with you to the Audi dealership. A Costco membership in its most basic form, by the way, costs $60 per year.

Costco Auto Program

Throw in the $7,500 federal tax credit owners get for the E-Tron being an EV and an unadvertised, $3,000 "Marketing Allowance" that's been given to Audi dealers also unearthed by CarsDirect, and a card-carrying Costco member can save a total of $13,000 on Audi's all-electric crossover. Granted, that Marketing Allowance may take some bargaining and leg-work on the buyer's part since it's passed onto the consumer entirely at the discretion of the dealer.

For the record, the Audi E-Tron, including destination, stickers for $75,795. With the latest discounts, rebates, and tax benefits, determined Costco members can pay as little as $62,795. Or $62,855* if you account for the cost of joining Costco. 

*Price does not include the $200 you'll inevitably spend on snacks every time you set foot into that store.

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