Ultimate Scooting Machine: BMW Launches Its Own Electric Scooter

If a car is a “Bimmer,” and a motorcycle is a “Beamer,” then what do we call these scooters?

byRob Stumpf|
BMW News photo

Urban mobility is becoming a hot-button topic for many. As traffic congestion grows denser and cities become more populated, people are opting to use alternative methods of transportation to fit their needs. Automakers have begun to see a solution: scooters. Now, BMW has announced that it too is in on the action and will be releasing a brand new electric scooter this fall.

Meet the BMW E-Scooter. While not creatively named, the scooter is the newest offering in BMW's Lifestyle collection. The 20-pound scooter features a 150-watt motor which boasts a top speed of 12 miles per hour and 7.5 miles of range, meaning that under ideal conditions, it can propel a rider for about 37 minutes worth of scooting before it needs to be recharged. Lights are fitted to the front and rear of the scooter for safety purposes, and brakes are located on both front and rear wheels.

via BMW

In addition to the battery-powered E-Scooter, BMW also launched two additional human-powered models.

First comes the BMW City Scooter, a foldable unit produced in collaboration with a U.K.-based scooter manufacturer called Micro. The City is essentially an adult-sized scooter which can be used to roll around town with ease, featuring appropriately-sized wheels and a kickstand to park. BMW says that the scooter is designed to be folded up so that is can be stowed away easily.

via BMW

Lastly is something we can all love: the BMW Kids Scooter. Ages three and up can enjoy this three-wheeled fun machine, adjusting the scooter to grow with them as they age. The scooter starts out in a seated position, allowing younger children to scoot while seated. A storage compartment is hidden within the seat so that toys can accompany the youngsters in their travels, no matter where it may take them. As the child grows, the seat can be removed and handlebars adjusted to accommodate standing height—and there's even a little BMW propeller badge on the front.

BMW says that its E-Scooter will cost about $892 (799 Euros), while the City Scooter will run buyers $224 (200 EUR) and the child-sized Kids Scooter is $134 (120 EUR). Each one will be available starting in September 2019.