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This Adorable Tesla Radio Flyer Will Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

It even has a functional Frunk!

There is a new Tesla Model S on the scene. It won’t win any drag races, but it will win over your heart. The Tesla Model S For Kids by Radio Flyer is here. This adorable mini-Tesla will have your kids cruising around in style while preparing them for Elon Musk’s inevitable takeover of the world. The Tesla Model S For Kids isn’t something that you can just go buy off the shelf. You’ll need to go through the configuration website to pick all the options that are right for your little ones. 

Much like the grown-up version, the Tesla For Kids comes with two different battery pack options. It comes standard with a 130 Wh lithium ion battery or for $60 you can upgrade to the 190 Wh battery that is good for 50% more running time. But that running time will vary based on how much you use some of the other features available. 

The Tesla For Kids has a base top speed of 3 mph. Hidden in the trunk, there is a switch where irresponsible parents can put the car in it’s “Ludicrous Mode” which will give it a top speed of a staggering 6 mph. It has an integrated sound system that you can plug a mp3 player into as you need sweet tunes while blasting down the sidewalk at 6 mph.  

The wee Tesla also has working headlight and a very functional Frunk. It wouldn’t be a Tesla without a Frunk.

The Tesla For Kids starts at $499, but once you start optioning it, you are going to pay a lot more. Want to upgrade to the silver wheels? That’ll be $15. AN extra 190 Wh battery will run you an extra $160. You can also get your child a personalized license plate and parking space sign, and don’t forget to throw in the car cover, too. 

All in, the Tesla Model S For Kids will set you back $829, which is probably less than most people pay per month for their own Model S. While that might seem like a lot, this is the cheapest way to get your hands on one of these. There are already online retailers selling them for more than $1,600.00, and those probably don’t come with the license plate and parking space sign. Once your kids have out grown their wild phase with their Mclaren 507S Push Car and are ready to settle down with a little family car, Tesla and Radio Flyer will be ready to take all your money. 

Screenshot via Radio Flyer Tesla Model S For Kids Builder Site