Best Electric Scooters: For the Kid or the Commuter

You’ll ride with ease and speed if you own one of the best electric scooters, whether you’re having fun or riding for your commute.

Best Overall

Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

Best Value

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Honorable Mention

Hover-1 Dynamo Electric Folding Scooter

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Sure, riding your bike or a basic push scooter is fun, but what if you want to make riding anywhere even easier? There’s a reason electric scooters are popping up everywhere, and it’s because they make running errands, enjoying the streets of your neighborhood, and even commuting to work a total breeze. Powered by electric motors of various power levels, you can reach higher speeds and take all of the physical work out of riding when you opt for one of these sleek scooters. Plus, there’s an electric scooter for every kind of rider. Whether you want to hit rugged trails and explore nature or stick to sidewalks and streets for everyday use, you can find a scooter that offers the right mix of durability, efficiency, and power no matter your interests or needs. Where should you start? With our picks for the best electric scooters, right here.

Summary List 

Our Methodology

In order to determine which electric scooters were really the best available, we searched online for the highest-rated and best-reviewed products. Our product picks cover different types of electric scooters, all of which were compared based on specs and features like motor size and horsepower, charging time and runtime on a single charge, ability to go up and down hills, and suitable uses or roads. We also considered details like the weight capacity, durability, and ease of charging for each of the scooters on our list. The Drive’s Gear About page explains our methodology further.

Best Electric Scooters: Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall

Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

Best Value

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Honorable Mention

Hover-1 Dynamo Electric Folding Scooter

Best Premium Electric Scooter

Segway Ninebot E22 Electric Kick Scooter

Best Electric Scooter for Kids

Swagtron SK1 Kick Start Electric Scooter

Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

Megawheels Electric Scooter

Best Electric Scooter for Rough Roads

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter

Our Verdict on the Best Electric Scooters

We like the Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter, a powerful and well-rounded scooter that’ll serve you whether you’re having fun or riding to the office, and it’s our pick for the best electric scooter. However, another good option that’s particularly great in terms of value if you’re buying for a younger rider is the Razor E100 Electric Scooter, which features an affordable price.



For some people, the battery size will be the most important feature to consider when choosing an electric scooter, as it largely determines the range. A battery capacity of over 350 Wh or more is good, and should equate to a range of around 25 miles. You should also note how long the battery takes to recharge and how many charging cycles it’s expected to go through before it degrades.


The size of an electric scooter’s motor is the main factor in determining the scooter’s top speed, acceleration, and ability to climb steep hills. Motors start at around 200-watts and go to more than 6,000-watts. A motor with an output of 350 to 500-watts can handle most people’s daily commute. Although, if you have a need for speed, you’ll want at least an 800-watt motor.


Anyone who’s commuting on their scooter needs to consider how portable it is. You should aim for a scooter under 30 lbs if you plan on carrying it onto a bus or into your workplace. You’ll also want a model that folds easily and quickly.


If you’re going to ride at night or commute, you should get a scooter with front and rear lights. Some scooters also have LED lights fitted along the deck, which are more of a stylistic feature. 

Electric Scooter Pricing 

For less than $200, you can get an electric scooter that has a relatively small motor and a low battery capacity. Top speeds will usually be below 15 mph, and the range will be less than 15 miles, making these scooters suitable for people with short commutes or children. The majority of electric scooters cost between $200 to $700. These scooters usually have top speeds up to around 25 mph and a range of up to 30 miles. For more than $700, you’ll get a scooter that has a large battery pack, motor, or both. These scooters can have ranges of over 40 miles or top speeds above 30 mph.


You’ve got questions. The Drive has answers!

Q: How do you charge an electric scooter?

A: Just read the instructions that come with your scooter! Every scooter is a little different, but for most electric scooters, you’ll need to use the provided charging equipment to recharge. An electric scooter can easily be plugged into any basic wall outlet, so you won’t need anything fancy other than whatever charger comes with your scooter.

Q: Am I able to lock an electric scooter on a bike rack?

A: As long as you’ve got the right type of lock, you can absolutely lock up your electric scooter onto a bike rack securely. Cable locks are a great choice, as you can wrap these around the handlebars and stem. For added security, you can also opt for a specialized electric scooter lock that is attached to the stem, preventing it from being adjusted unless the user has a key.

Q: How far can an electric scooter run?

A: It depends on the battery, how full the battery is, and other external factors like your weight, your terrain, and how fast you’re riding. A scooter can ride anywhere from 5 miles to 40 miles on a single charge


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