Bugatti Debuts Flamboyant Line of ‘High Performance’ Furniture for Millionaires

What do you mean this sofa doesn’t remind you of a 1,500-horsepower hypercar?

byJames Gilboy|
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Bugatti is going after the Ethan Allens of the world with its new line of products, as on Tuesday the hypercar-maker revealed a series of ultra-luxury furniture pieces that are somehow supposed to remind us of its glorious cars.

Made from a combination of "extremely soft high-performance technical fabrics," marble, a bit of carbon fiber, and lazurite relative sodalite, the line of furniture was designed in collaboration with the Luxury Living Group, and said to be inspired by the works of Carlo Bugatti. Carlo was the father of company founder Ettore, an interior designer by trade whose own 1902 concept for a lounge chair served as the basis for the limited-edition, ergonomically questionable "Cobra Chair," seen below.


This chair, sadly, is the sole product in Bugatti's line that resembles its namesake. There are at least four items named after the Chiron that bear no resemblance to the car whatsoever, including a couch, armchair, a "dormeuse" (a recliner), and a bed, of which Bugatti didn't release pictures of. This is disappointing, given that we all love a good race car bed.

There is also a "Vitesse Chair" and a pair of angular "Legacy Vases" (for when you need some really fast flowers), which look like props from a generic sci-fi film. Admittedly, though, the "Marguerite Coffee Table" actually looks pretty cool. That being said, it's unclear if its two-tiered, presumably marble surfaces, can be repositioned, but its obtuseness would at least be tolerable.

How much does it all cost? Bugatti doesn't say, and we all know what that means. At least this furnishings lineup, if mostly on the dull side, came out better than Lamborghini's disappointing, Oldsmobile-like attempt at the same.

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