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The Affluence Agenda: Bugatti’s Average Customer Owns 42 Cars

What would your ideal 42-car garage consist of?

Bugatti built its brand on exclusivity. The Molsheim-based coachbuilder is known for its high-speed sports cars that back a price so exuberant, you practically need to sweat money in order to afford one brand new. But interest in an expensive sporty car often indicates an individual has a passion for automobiles, or at least vehicles that will make a display of affluence. In fact, a recent comment by a Bugatti spokesperson indicated that the average Bugatti customer has a total of 42 different cars in their automotive stable.

Often, at least two of the 42 cars carry the Bugatti marque. It’s not clear what else lives in the average owner’s garage(s). However, if we had to guess, I’d be willing to bargain that we’d have a starry-eyed surprise waiting for us.

If you’re reading this, you probably have a good idea of the average price of a brand new Bugatti. The most recent example of the ultra-expensive brand’s offerings is the $12.5 million La Voiture Noire. But, if you’re not posh enough to own the black car, perhaps the $5.8 million 1,478 horsepower Divo would be more up your alley. Still too expensive? Lowly peasants can consider the Chiron, a $3 million hypercar that also fulfills many individual’s need for speed.

For the rest of us, the $350 officially licensed lego kit will have to do.

Knight Frank’s most recent Wealth Report indicates that by 2023, the world will house a total of 2,696 billionaires, one-third of which live in Asia. An increase of billionaires has also been projected in North America and Europe, swelling as much as 17 and 18 percent, respectively. This newfound wealth has contributed to the quadrupling of automotive sales for vehicles that cost more than $180,000.

Bugatti has identified that most of its customers don’t want to drive a gas-guzzling, 16-cylinder, quad-turbo monster around the city. In fact, some of its European customers may not be permitted to do just that in the coming years. The brand has since announced plans to develop an “everyday” ultra-luxury car for its customers to drive—in the name of practicality, of course. Likely another notch in the garage door.