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Mansory Edition Bugatti Veyron’s Drifts and Donuts Could Cost $150,000

If you had a Bugatti Veyron and funds to live your childhood dream, why wouldn't you?

Let’s be honest here, many of us petrol heads have dreamed of doing epic burnouts, drifts, and donuts in an exotic car from our childhood years. Thanks to racing games from Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo franchises, many of us have been able to realize this dream at least in the digital world. 

But, how much cooler would it be if we were able to achieve this dream in the real world? 

Well, one person, Damon Fryer from Daily Driven Exotics, to be specific, was able to make this dream into a reality thanks to Houston Crosta of Royalty Exotics of Las Vegas, who kindly lent him the keys to his Mansory Edition Bugatti Veyron

By now, most enthusiasts have essentially memorized the performance figures that make the Bugatti Veyron so incredible. But have any of you taken the time to figure out how much a set of rims and tires cost for a Veyron? 

For starters, the very special tires made by Michelin are glued to the rims and a replacement tire carries a price tag of $10,000. So, for a set of four tires, we are looking at a total cost of $40,000 (excluding the rims). The next step is to mount these tires onto the rims, which is not an easy or inexpensive process. 

These tires have to be shipped to France in order to be mounted onto the rims and the bill for that job is an eye-watering $9,000. However, here is the best part of the whole deal. After four sets of tires have been mounted onto the rims, the $150,000 rims have to be replaced with a brand-new set. For us average petrol heads, these figures are just plain ridiculous, but for a Bugatti Veyron owner, this is just part of the ownership experience. 

Now that I have mentioned how expensive the rims and tires are for a Veyron, the time has arrived for me to disclose the fact that the Mansory Edition Bugatti Veyron featured in this video is on its fourth and final set of tires on these rims. With that said, I cannot think of any other satisfying way of using up these tires than by doing some epic drifts and donuts.

So, take it away Damon Fryer.