This is Porsche’s 700 Horsepower Electric Tractor

Just in time for the harvest in the southern hemisphere.

byJames Gilboy|
Porsche News photo


Porsche is serious about bringing the fight to Tesla in the market for premium electric vehicles. Tesla expanded into the industrial vehicle market with its electric semi truck, but Porsche sees a different industry as the right entry point for electric workhorses, and will electrify the agricultural world with its Mission E Tractor, built to handle fields of barley in addition to the Nurburgring.

The tractor joins the rest of Porsche's Mission E electric vehicle lineup, which includes the electric Mission E sedan to defeat the Tesla Model S and the Mission E Cross Turismo, an amalgamation of the Mission E sedan and a lifted wagon like an Audi Allroad. All are built with an emphasis on motorsport, and Porsche spouts confidence over the tractor's ability to set a "pretty good" time round the 'Ring.

Design is sourced from both the current language of the company's classic tractors of the postwar 1950s and the Mission E lineup, whose 800 volt charging systems are also shared with the Mission E program. With an advertised 700 horsepower on tap (torque undisclosed), Porsche says the Mission E tractor will be the quickest-accelerating agricultural implement on the planet, all without making a peep or polluting the environment, with the aid of the integrated FastFarm app—a combination of a global weather service and a forum for farmers.

Whether this vehicle will be the world's fastest tractor is up for debate. Top Gear holds the current record, as its 500 horsepower, Chevy V8 tractor proved capable of pushing itself to a record 87.271 miles per hour. With the slick, aerodynamic design and superior power, Porsche's tractor ought to be able to take that record for itself.

That is, if it were to exist. Happy April Fools' Day.

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