Porsche Launches Mission E Augmented Reality App

No need to use your own imagination, the augmented reality app will park a virtual Mission E in your living room.

byDave Bartosiak|
Porsche Launches Mission E Augmented Reality App

When you go car shopping, salespeople have basically has two jobs. They need to get a credit application out of you and they need to put you behind the wheel for a test drive. It’s the test drive that’s meant to get you excited about the car so you’ll commit to signing on the dotted line. If there were a way to get you all the excitement of a test drive while sitting on your couch, it makes the deal even easier to close when you finally make the trek to your local dealership. Hoping to increase the hype even more regarding the upcoming Mission E, Porsche has built an augmented reality app.

The app, developed through collaboration with Google, allows the user to digitally peruse through Porsche’s first purely electric sports car. Similar to the app BMW already has for its i8, users can superimpose a 3D image of the Mission E over the scene in front of them. Open up your garage door, pull up the app on your phone and you can see how neatly that front end would fit. Users can walk around the space and see the virtual Mission E from different angles.

Porsche augmented reality app in action, Porsche AG

You can also kick it up a notch by seeing animations which simulate the vehicle’s aerodynamics or pull up x-ray views of the internal drive and battery components. You can even go on a virtual test drive using the interactive driving mode.

"We are offering our fans a virtual taste of the Porsche brand’s first purely electric sports car. The augmented reality technology offers us ways to depict complex technical aspects of the new vehicle technology vividly and emotively," said Kjell Gruner, Vice President of Marketing at Porsche AG. "It is important to us that our customers can immerse themselves in tomorrow’s technology and convey enthusiasm at an early stage— anytime, any place.”

The app is available now on both Android and iOS.