Your McLaren BP23 Will Arrive With…This Thingamajig

Some cars come with luggage. The next McLaren hypercar comes with whatever this is.

byJames Gilboy|

Under a working name of BP23, McLaren is putting the finishing touches on its next hypercar. The $2.5 million car will be a three-seater, like the McLaren F1 from the 1990s. Though the F1 is still McLaren's fastest car in a straight line, capable of 243 mph, the BP23 is said to surpass that figure. The car's production name may already be known, but McLaren has stayed mum on its official title so far. One thing we know for sure is that each BP23 will include a matching sculpture designed by McLaren.

The sculpture is named "Speed Form" and based on the shape of the car's cockpit. And like the cars with which they will be paired, these sculptures will have serials, and will be limited to 106 examples to match the BP23's production run, limited to mirror that of the F1. None will be made available for sale to the public; the Speed Form is destined to go only to BP23 owners.


The Speed Form is just under 16 inches (400 millimeters) in length by 8 inches (205 mm) wide and just over 3 inches (80 mm) tall, and weighing in at approximately 8 pounds. Its metalwork is formed with CNC machining, and then polished by hand for 30 hours, as a part of its stated total production time of 100 man hours per unit. In total, 10,600 hours have been spent making these sculptures, or almost 442 days.

For the sake of those purchasing the $2.5 million BP23, let us hope considerably more time was spent on engineering the car. Staying safe at 200 mph and change is more important to anyone than their McLaren-branded paperweight, after all.