The Name of the Next McLaren Hypercar May Have Been Leaked Online

McLaren’s staying mum on the name of its next car, but our investigation has found a possible name.

byJames Gilboy|


Not a heck of a lot is known about the next McLaren hypercar, known at present only by its prototype name, "BP23." We know its genes will descend from the company's original road car, the F1, like which, it will seat three. A top speed greater than that of the F1's 243 mph terminus is expected from the hybrid-powered hypercar, as is the use of McLaren's new 4.0 liter doubly-turbocharged V8, though little else is known about the car, save for its description as a "hyper-GT" car.

Will McLaren give it a bowl of word salad for a name, like its MP4-12C? Will the BP23 subscribe to McLaren's modern naming scheme of 570S, 720S, et cetera, or will it be christened for one of McLaren's greatest Formula 1 drivers, like the Senna?

The truth, it seems, is less exotic. An investigation of world trademark databases reveals that within months of the car's initial announcement, McLaren filed for trademarks in the United Kingdom and United States for a simple moniker: McLaren GT.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

The United Kingdom's trademark entry confirms that the filing was made on the behalf of the Woking-based company, and that the trademark is intended for use for "sale of motor land vehicles."

McLaren GT is in keeping with the company's description of the BP23 as a "hyper-GT" car, making it believable that the company would give its halo car such a pedestrian name. The Drive contacted McLaren for comment upon the find, and though contact was made, no official comment on the name has been received.