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McLaren’s Three-Seat Hypercar Will Be Called the Speedtail

The name is a direct reference to the car’s promise of being the fastest McLaren ever and its flowing bodywork.

byChris Tsui|


Previously known as the BP23, McLaren's upcoming three-seat hypercar now has a real name: Speedtail. 

By the sounds of it, the Speedtail is being positioned as a spiritual successor to the firm's iconic F1 from the '90s. Joining the Senna and P1 as part of McLaren's Ultimate Series roster of hypercars, the Speedtail will crib the old F1's three-seat cockpit setup and match its production run of exactly 106 units—all of which have already been spoken for, by the way.

Beyond seating arrangements and production stats, McLaren says the Speedtail will pay homage to the F1 by exceeding its then-record-breaking top speed of 243 miles per hour, rocking the highest top speed of any road-going McLaren to date. 

The Speedtail name is apparently a direct reference to the car's promise of being the fastest McLaren ever and its flowing bodywork. 

On top of offering what will surely be obscene forward thrust, McLaren says the Speedtail will also be the most luxurious car it's ever made. Costing the equivalent of $2.1 million before taxes, the upcoming Macca will apparently be the world's first "Hyper-GT," blending hypercar performance with grand tourer-like opulence. 

Hang on, has McLaren's PR team never heard of the Bugatti Chiron?

Anywho, McLaren's upcoming Bugatti-beater will be revealed publicly sometime before the end of this year. The lucky few who actually have one on order can expect to see it at a private event ahead of its public debut.

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