McLaren Confirms Senna GTR Performance Specs: 814 HP, Mucho Downforce

How does 814 horsepower, 2,205 pounds of downforce, and suspension derived from McLaren's GT3 racing program sound?

McLaren confirmed Friday morning the specifications for its upcoming tack-only hypercar, just as its testing program to bring the car to market commences. In a nutshell, it’s bonkers.

Unlike the base Senna, the Senna GTR isn’t road-legal and has been developed exclusively as a plaything for racetracks. As such, the Senna GTR will roll on Pirelli racing slicks that encircle widened, lightweight, motorsport-grade center-lock wheels. Up to 2,205 pounds of downforce from the Senna GTR’s colossal wing, splitter, and diffuser will exert itself through the widened carbon fiber body, chassis, and GT3 racing-derived suspension and into said wheels and tires.

McLaren’s 4.0-liter twin-turbo M840T V8—the engine used in most of McLaren’s fastest cars today—will chew up boost and gasoline to spit 814 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque through its rear wheels. Presumably, the GTR’s extra power and grip will allow it to catapult itself from zero to 60 faster than the road car’s 2.8 seconds, though extra aerodynamic drag may have a say in whether that translates into a quarter-mile time faster than the road car’s 9.9 seconds.

If these superlatives make you want a Senna GTR, you’re already out of luck. McLaren plans to build only 75 units starting in September 2019 when it wraps up the 500-unit production run of the “normal” Senna. Every one of the $1.4 million hypercars sold out before their public announcement, meaning you’ll have to make some connections at McLaren if you want in on any of its future special-edition offerings. Good luck getting a Speedtail or BC-03, either, because those are sold out too.