McLaren Showcases Trio of Design Renderings for Speedtail Hypercar

The center-seat exotic has already sold out, and McLaren Special Operations is working with future owners to customize each to their tastes.

byTalon Homer|
McLaren Showcases Trio of Design Renderings for Speedtail Hypercar

A new release from McLaren states that all 106 examples of its Speedtail hypercar announced in October have been ordered by prospective buyers. Just in case owning such a limited run vehicle wasn't exclusive enough, the company has also tasked its McLaren Special Operations division to work with customers and tailor each car's appearance to its owner. The automaker promises an "almost limitless range of personalization available to owners" and states that Speedtail deliveries will begin early 2020.

To ensure each car is unique, owners will be able to select their choice of paint color, interior upholstery, and pinstriping graphics "limited only by the owner’s imagination." They'll also have the option to order aluminum or gold highlights woven into the Speedtail's carbon fiber body panels. Interior features include badging finished in carbon or gold, and "electro-chromatic" windshield tinting that automatically dims itself under sunlight.

To show its capabilities, MSO has created three Speedtail renderings with three separate custom themes. The "Stratosphere" theme combines dark glossy carbon fiber bodywork with aluminum accents finished in a light blue. These contrasting colors continue to the interior, where brightly colored upholstery meets a black driver dashboard.

The second "Astral" theme sees a burnt orange exterior finish with a jet black roof panel and interwoven aluminum highlights. The orange is complemented by a navy blue interior, where the two passenger seats are upholstered in nubuck leather, while the driver's seat is wrapped in aniline leather. Interior carbon fiber panels with white gold accents complete the look.

The final "Bloodline" theme is true to its name with deep crimson coloring inside and out. This Speedtail's black wheels are also accented by silver brake calipers and a copper band around their rims. The red driver's seat is contrasted by two bright white passenger seats and striping in both colors across the cockpit.

No matter how it looks, the upcoming McLaren Speedtail is sure to boast some impressive performance. While the car pays homage to the classic F1 with its center-seat layout, it also succeeds the P1 hypercar with a 1000-horsepower hybrid drivetrain. Mclaren claims the it will be able to travel to a 250 mile-per-hour top speed, while still maintaining luxury car comfort for its three occupants.