This $500,000 Morelo Empire Motorhome Redefines Mobile Luxury

It even boasts a garage for a small car.

The German-made Morelo Empire Liner motorhome is a luxury apartment on wheels, nicer than most stationary dwellings. Though, for half a million dollars, it should be. Among the included fineries: underfloor heating, a rain shower, a suspended bed with a multi-zone mattress with a “water gel” topping, stainless steel kitchen appliances, soft touch walls and ceiling, a host of skylights, and a garage for your (compact) car. Because towing your extra wheels is for chumps and the poors, right?

Morelo is currently taking the state-of-the-art Empire Liner, their “super-liner,” around to European recreational vehicle shows, where it’s turning heads. The builders have likened their sleek 37-foot home to a Lamborghini, though the Empire Liner’s chassis is either a Mercedes Atego or a IVECO Eurocargo, depending on the buyer’s preference. The powertrain is a 6-cylinder, 7.7-liter diesel engine with 300 horsepower and 885 lb-ft of torque. On smaller units, the garage, situated underneath the bedroom in the rear, will store a few scooters. On the larger specs, the garage is suitable for SmartFortwos, Fiat 500s or Mini Coopers.

Even if buyers leave the dapper RV stock, the Empire Liner is extremely well-appointed. But a laundry list of options will see some units’ purchase price leaping by the thousands. Among the available add-ons: hydraulic leveling jacks ($8,700), “double horn air fanfare” ($981), electric panoramic roof window with a rain sensor ($1,488), central vacuum cleaner ($1,091), solar panels ($4,398), leather upholstery ($3,957), and satellite TV system with a 32” flat screen and a 24” flat screen ($6,934). Currently, there is no option of increasing the garage to accommodate an actual Lamborghini, but let’s give Morelo a little time. Surely they’ll figure that out.