Would You Pay $417,000 for This Totaled 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista With 149 Miles?

With pre-owned Pista models bringing $600,000, this crashed unit with unaffected chassis and drivetrain could be a “bargain” to some people.

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Depending on luck, automotive salvage yards can be a place where one person’s trash turns into another’s treasure, and that’s essentially the case with this incredibly low-mileage 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista currently living at a salvage car auction instead of an air-conditioned garage.

The damaged Pista is featured on the Samrac YouTube channel. The popular YouTuber, who mainly focuses on wrecked exotics, stumbles upon the 488 Pista and learns the car only has 149 miles on its odometer. It appears that the car was involved in a side collision as there is side-impact airbag deployment.

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Upon further inspection, it appears the Pista, aside from the passenger side damage which appears to affect the rocker panels of the car’s tub chassis, is otherwise in fairly solid condition. There is a bit of a stain on the center console and part of the seats, implying that there was probably a drink spilled during the impact; nothing aside from that stands out.

More importantly, the Ferrari started up on the first attempt, which means that the damage is mostly structural and the powertrain seems unaffected.

The car can currently be found on Copart, where at the time of writing the highest bid sits at $172,000 with the reserve unmet. Copart estimates the retail price of a car in this condition to be $417,134. Other sale listings land the value of this car somewhere around the $500,000-$600,000 range in prime condition, so even with the car's wrecked nature, expect it to command a hefty premium over "regular" totaled supercars.

It looks like a feasible project should someone be familiar with repairing high-end cars. Since Ferraris are being treated as tradable high-value assets nowadays, it might be worth the investment, especially given the 488 Pista's extremely limited production run.

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