First $5.8M Bugatti Divo Will Be Delivered This Year Because for Some the Economy Is Never ‘Bad’

Fret not, folks, a global crisis can’t stop the Bugatti Divo.

byChris Tsui|
First $5.8M Bugatti Divo Will Be Delivered This Year Because for Some the Economy Is Never ‘Bad’

In the midst of the constant doom and gloom brought on by the economy-busting global health crisis, terms like "unprecedented" and "uncertain" have become the buzzwords of the day. While much of the future does indeed remain uncertain, one thing is for sure: the 40 people who put their names down for a Bugatti Divo will definitely be getting their cars sometime this year. Yeah, it's been weighing on our minds as well.

In case you've had other things on your mind recently, a little refresher: The Bugatti Divo uses the same chassis as the superfast Chiron, but it's more than just a coachbuilt version. The duo are different enough that it's taken two years for the Bugatti team to put the finishing touches on the Divo after showing it off at Monterey Car Week in 2018.

Powered by the same 8.0-liter, quad-turbo, 1,479-hp W16 engine as the Chiron, it's 77 pounds lighter with completely reworked aero to generate 198 additional pounds of downforce at speed. It can also hold 1.6 g through a corner, which would be impressive for a car weighing half the Divo's estimated 4,300 pounds.

To be fair to the company, it's highly unlikely the average to-be Divo owner is the type to take kindly to waiting. Each car costs $5.8 million, and by Bugatti's own admission, all 40 of the Divo's buyers already own a Chiron, a car that can hit 62 mph from a standstill in 2.4 seconds and, with some modifications, reaches a record-breaking top speed of 304 mph. By comparison, the Divo is limited to "just" 236 mph. Still seriously fast for a seriously privileged bunch, to whom words like "delay" and "recession" are just letters on a page.

For the rest of us who don't have $5.8 mill to splash on limited-run Bugattis, we're still pleased to indulge in a handful of beauty shots of the Divo undergoing hot-weather testing in the desert.

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