Barbie-Inspired Ford Bronco Packs a Lot of Pink for $89,890

Frankly, it's not the worst Barbie-themed ride we've seen lately.
Bayshore Automotive

The upcoming Barbie movie is causing a lot of buzz among fans of the inanimate doll. As such, we found this Barbie-themed Ford Bronco for sale in Flordia that could be the ideal ride for the film’s premiere on June 21.

As covered by CarBuzz, the rig in question is up for sale at Bayshore Automotive. It’s a “used” 2023 Bronco in the Black Diamond trim (it only has 230 miles), and it’s been given the absolute works, aesthetically speaking. Nicknamed the “Barbie Dream Bronco,” it’s just the kind of offroader that Mattel’s favorite blonde would drive. Naturally, the hardtop roof comes off for plenty of fun in the sun.

The Bronco rocks a matte pink wrap, contrasted with white trim on the roof, grille, bumpers, and wheel arches. The tow hooks and Bronco badge are even pink to provide charming contrast up front. Under the hood is the stock 2.7-liter turbocharged V6, good for 310 horsepower.

Other neat modifications include the Morimoto color-changing headlight kit. Yes, that lets you set the headlights to pink to really set off the Barbie look, though its legality remains in question in some states. The truck also scores a subtle underglow thanks to lights in the wheel wells, too.

Mechanically, it does come with some minor upgrades. A 5-inch lift kit helps the meaty 37-inch Nitto Ridge Grappler tires fit under the guards. Despite the mods, the dealer claims the car still has a “full factory warranty.”

Inside, the Bronco got the full Barbie treatment too, with white upholstery contrasted by bold pink stitching. The dash and console have been painted white to match. It’s not the most ideal solution for tackling muddy backwoods trails, but it would look fresh as hell on the beach.

Aspiring Barbies (or Kens) will need a Malibu-spec checkbook, by virtue of the sticker price of $89,890. That’s a pretty hefty figure given the Bronco starts at well under $50,000 for the V6-powered Black Diamond trim. However, it still comes in cheaper than Maserati’s Barbie SUV, which looked altogether less outrageous for $330,000.

Is it crazy to spend nearly six figures on an outrageously-decorated Bronco just to look cool when you rock up at the movies? Yes. It’s just about the most Florida thing you could possibly do. That’s what will make it so incredibly funny when you actually buy it.

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