Aftermarket Hardtops Will Soon Be Available for the Ford Bronco

It’s an accessory that should prove popular with buyers that switched orders to soft tops.

byLewin Day| UPDATED Jan 19, 2022 8:19 PM
Aftermarket Hardtops Will Soon Be Available for the Ford Bronco

The new Ford Bronco has been a hit from the word go, with the company scarcely able to keep up with demand. Some of that was down to problems with the hardtop roof option for the new off-roader. This led many to instead spec their new trucks with soft tops to get them sooner. Salvation is at hand, however, with an aftermarket Bronco hardtop soon to be available to the public, as reported by CarBuzz.

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts is developing the alternative hardtop, aimed at those wanting an alternative to the soft top without having to wait for Ford's own hardtop production to catch up. The company is developing two designs; one is a single-piece top, while the other is a modular assembly. The modular assembly consists of fewer separate parts than the original factory hardtop, with the design chosen to reduce noise and leaks and provide better fit and finish than the factory article.

The hardtops will be supplied in white or black textured finishes, or a primer finish for those wanting to color match to their vehicle's paint job. Both top designs feature a slanted rear window, and weight is reported to be in the ballpark of the original factory hardtop. 

All latches, windows, and struts will be included, and swapping over the rear wiper and washer nozzles is reported to be a straightforward task. Sound deadening is an option for those wanting the quietest possible ride.

John Gerwatosky, owner of Advanced Fiberglass Concepts, spoke to The Drive regarding the hardtop project. "We will be releasing pricing and timelines in three to four weeks," said Gerwatosky, adding "We'll have images of the prototype hardtop available sometime after that."

At this stage, the company is only focusing on hardtops for four-door Broncos, though may reconsider if demand is there. It's unsurprising given that two-door Bronco production has largely been delayed by the roof issues.

It seems likely that there are plenty of Bronco buyers out there that switched their order to a soft-top to get their vehicle built sooner. An aftermarket hardtop that does the job well would be a no-brainer purchase for many. Expect to see aftermarket tops proliferate as soon as they hit the market, assuming Ford's own offering remains thin on the ground.

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