Aftermarket Ford Bronco Hardtops Start at $5,250 and Are Up for Pre-order

There are now new choices for those who don’t want to go with Ford’s factory hardtop option.

byLewin Day|
Aftermarket Ford Bronco Hardtops Start at $5,250 and Are Up for Pre-order

The Ford Bronco has been a hit from launch, with the off-roader attracting huge prices on the used market as new supplies remain tight, at least in part due to issues with the factory hardtops. At one point, every 2021 Bronco with a factory hardtop needed a new one. Now, there's a new option on the scene, with an aftermarket hardtop now available for pre-order from Advanced Fiberglass Concepts.

We first looked at the project back in January, when Advanced Fiberglass Concepts announced that it was developing an aftermarket hardtop. The aim was to target buyers wanting an alternative to Ford's soft top while factory hardtops remained in short supply. Orders for the company's hardtop have just opened, starting at $5,250 for the basic one-piece design, stepping up to $5,750 for the modular version. Estimated ship dates are August for one-piece tops and September for the modular versions. The design is for four-door Broncos only at this stage.

The white and black textured finishes are intended to be as close as possible to the factory Oxford White and Shadow Black paint colors from Ford. , Advanced Fiberglass Concepts

The one-piece hardtop is exactly what it sounds like, existing as a single shell that mounts to the vehicle. The modular version apes Ford's existing design, but consists of fewer separate pieces, with the aim of having fewer seams that can leak or let noise into the cabin. Both are available in three finishes — textured white fiberglass, textured black fiberglass, and a high-build primer option for those that want to get their tops color-matched to their vehicle by a body shop. 

Upgrades are available for the hardtops, including a washer-wiper assembly for $250 set up to work with the stock Bronco hardware, or a sound-deadening liner for $575. Both options can be selected together if so desired. The hardtops come with all glass included, as well as a plug-and-play defroster, and work with Ford's own hardtop prep kit. It's intended that the aftermarket top doesn't give up any functionality or usability compared to the factory item.

The tops could prove popular with Bronco buyers that switched their order to a soft-top model last year in order to get their vehicle produced more quickly. Alternatively, it could be a way for those dealing with some of the soft-top shortcomingsto get a solution for colder weather next winter. 

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