Yes, Someone Really Paid $176K for That 1978 Ford Bronco With a Super Duty Face

This or up to six brand-new Broncos?

byRob Stumpf|
Yes, Someone Really Paid $176K for That 1978 Ford Bronco With a Super Duty Face

Last month, my crystal ball predicted that someone was bound to overpay for this 1978 Ford Bronco with a Super Duty face swap. Well, it turns out it was right. When the hammer recently dropped for the white Bronco, it didn't just sell for six figures—it actually turned a profit for the owner.

This rather unique 1978 Ford Bronco restomod went up for sale at Mecum's Kissimmee auction last week, where it sold for $176,000. That's not particularly jaw-dropping, considering Mecum's sale estimate was between $160,000 and $175,000, but it's certainly a lot for this kind of creation.

via Mecum

Many of you chimed in the comments section and specifically referenced the truck's...erm, unique looks. Some even speculated that the owner might be willing to sell at a loss for that reason alone. Certain angles make it look like it came straight out of this Facebook page, while others are a bit more forgiving.

But believe it or not, it actually sold for more than what someone paid less than a year ago. In March 2021, the Bronco was sold at Mecum's Glendale, Arizona auction for $173,250, meaning that they actually made $2,750 (or around 2 percent) on the sale, not including any buyer's premiums.

Now, we should take a minute to applaud the builder of this truck, because while it may not be anyone's ideal restomodded truck, the work was undeniably well executed. And clearly, it's got some big fans out there willing to drop some cash on it.

Vintage Iron and Restoration of Scottsdale, Arizona spent two years building the truck from an accident-free 1978 Ford Bronco. Panels and body components (like the headlights and grille) were sourced from a late-model Ford F-250 Super Duty, as were the chrome wheels. Employees at the shop used their fabrication skills to carefully fuse four decades of automotive evolution onto the classic Bronco.

Under the hood is where the real technological progress is made, however. A brand new 5.0-liter Coyote V8 makes an appearance, both modernizing the truck and more than doubling its stock horsepower figure. The engine is mated to a six-speed Ford Raptor transmission and even retains four-wheel drive.

via Mecum

Even though this is a one-of-one build, $176,000 is a steep figure to stomach for most people who have eyes. To put the cost into perspective, that much money buys you six base-model Broncos or almost four loaded Bronco Wildtraks.

Fortunately, there's a buyer for everything, especially in today's rollercoaster car market. I almost wonder whether or not this Bronco will prove to be an investment a decade from now. What do you think?

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