Ford Bronco Sasquatch With Manual Will Be Available in 2022

Oh happy day.

byKristin V. Shaw|
Ford News photo

Last year, the internet was all abuzz with disappointment when the Bronco launched without the option to pair the 2021 Bronco's Sasquatch off-road package with a standard seven-speed manual transmission. Nor was it available with the bigger 2.7-liter powerplant; you could only row your own with the 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine. About 12,000 Bronco fans flocked to to log their feedback and requests for manuals with a variety of colorful and explicit reasons why they needed one. 

After a year of pleas, it appears Ford is listening. The Blue Oval confirmed to its Bronco reservation holders this week that it’s finally coming through with the combination you’ve been waiting for (im)patiently: a 2022 Bronco with the Sasquatch package will be available with a manual transmission on Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond and Badlands trims.


In a road test, our own Kristen Lee claimed a two-door Badlands Bronco with the seven-speed manual, and she found it to be friendly with a generous level of torque on tap. Expect the Sasquatch/manual combination for 2022 models to offer a similar feel, but with the added factors of 35-inch tires, Bilstein shocks, high-clearance fender flares, and front- and rear-locking differentials.

Soon, Ford will be closing out its production for 2021-model Broncos and moving to the 2022s. In an email, Ford said, “Within two weeks, our 2022 model-year Build & Price tool and ordering system will be available, and we will send you an email invitation to place your order.”

Kristin Shaw

Other additions for 2022 include new color options (Hot Pepper Red and Eruption Green), a new available powder-coated steel front bumper, and new special edition and limited-production offerings like the Bronco Raptor SUV, which will become available next summer. Vroom. 

For those looking to order this new configuration, Ford says delivery timing will depend on several factors, including reservation time stamp, vehicle model and configuration, part availability (unsaid: chip availability) and the number of Broncos your dealer receives.

The brand says to expect deliveries to begin in Q1 of 2022.

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