Chevy Confirms Electric Corvette Plans, Starting With Hybrid Model in 2023

GM President Mark Reuss confirmed the news Monday morning.

byChris Tsui|


We all sort of knew in the back of our minds that it would happen eventually, but now it's official: the Chevrolet Corvette is getting a hybrid version very soon, while a fully electric variant is in the works. Shared by General Motors President Mark Reuss on LinkedIn, of all places, that part-gas, part-electric 'Vette will arrive "as early as next year" while the Ultium-platformed Corvette EV is due sometime "in the future."

"Some time ago we moved the Corvette team into the EV space in Warren, Michigan, and when we revealed the new mid-engine Corvette, I said there would be 'more to come,'" the post reads. "This morning I sat down with Phil LeBeau of CNBC and finally answered the question I’ve been asked countless times. Yes, in addition to the amazing new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and other gas-powered variants coming, we will offer an electrified and a fully electric, Ultium-based Corvette in the future. In fact, we will offer an electrified Corvette as early as next year. Details and names to come at a later date."

Chevy's official YouTube channel also uploaded a brief, camouflaged prototype video of what I'm assuming is the hybrid Corvette, considering the engine noises overlaid.

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This car looks a whole lot like the "E-Ray" Corvette hybrid test mule that's been running around for quite some time now. Official details are scarce, of course, but we can expect all-wheel drive via a small, front-axle electric motor and big changes to the front suspension. The front tires on the prototype above are definitely spinning, so just know it'll do some crazy zero-to-60 time once it's on asphalt instead of ice.

As for the Ultium-based all-electric 'Vette, "the future" is definitely a vague-ass timeline that doesn't discount the possibility that the EV Corvette's debut will have to wait until the C9 generation. But having experienced what the Ultium powertrain can do in the much heavier and bulkier GMC Hummer EV's wild Watts To Freedom launch control mode, an electric-only Corvette could easily bring the model well into hypercar territory, and I'm hoping this thing comes sooner rather than later.

So, it's official: while the C8 generation finally brought the Corvette into the mid-engined club, the Chevy sports car's next frontier is electrification.

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