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You Can Deck Out Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Home With Chevy Corvette Swag

At last, a perfect match for your digital New Balance shoes.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be no Burnout: Paradise, but Nintendo’s low-key lifestyle simulator couldn’t have come at a better time. During coronavirus’ initial landing in the western world, it quenched millions of people’s appetite for social activity and home improvement, and continues to do so today for those in some of the hardest-hit countries across the globe. Fortunately for them, there’s no shortage of community-designed accessories and decor to try out, some of which is official gear themed around the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8.

Released last week, Chevrolet’s batch of C8-centric Animal Crossing merch includes multiple shirt designs, floor tiles, and a variety of posters, ranging from the newest evolution of the crossed flags badge to the “Jake” skull motif. GM made these downloadable via QR codes uploaded to its company Pinterest account.

Some of the items displayed in the video were reportedly not designed by Chevrolet; GM Authority says that the furniture including the tire, Corvette-shaped bed, bar counter, and associated chairs are not official GM gear, meaning they’ll have to be tracked down elsewhere. The same presumably goes for the record player in the corner.

Those with a hankering for some GM worship but no Nintendo Switch can check out other areas of Chevy’s Pinterest page to find coloring sheets for some of the marque’s most popular models. Represented are the Corvette, Silverado, Camaro, and even the Bolt, whose sheet could be especially nice to have on hand to pass the time while fast-charging the diminutive electric hatchback—or one of GM’s many future EVs.

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h/t: GM Authority