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Chevy Recalls 2020 Corvette Because You Might Get Trapped in the Frunk

GM finally acknowledges a problem with the new Corvette's front trunk lid...But not the one you were expecting.

General Motors’ first big recall for the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette is here, and to nobody’s surprise, it has to do with those allegedly faulty front trunk—frunk—lids. It isn’t, however, to address their issues with blowing open, which GM insists is the fault of owners. No, the recall is to address a problem where they might instead not open when they’re supposed to—specifically when a person trapped inside is trying to get out.

According to NHTSA recall notices that began circulating last Wednesday, the legally required interior trunk release on the C8 becomes inoperable when the vehicle enters sleep mode, about 10 minutes after being turned off. GM warns that should the frunk lid be left open, “a small person who climbs inside the front trunk compartment and closes the trunk lid while inside may not be able to get out without assistance, increasing the risk of injury.” In other words, Corvettes, like carnivorous plants, could eat small, curious creatures in their vicinity, like flies, children, or social media personalities.

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But a fix to this problem is already available in the form of an update to the Corvette’s Body Control Module. A simple re-flash of this computer system will make the frunk’s interior release wake the car out of sleep mode, allowing the electric latch system to function, and anyone trapped inside the frunk to escape their predicament. GM states the update can be applied either at a dealership or via Over-The-Air (OTA) updates for customers who have opted into such. So while technological over-complication may have gotten the Corvette into this frunk mess, it’ll also get it back out. Shame the same can’t be said for the problems with them, you know, blowing open.

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