Watch This BMW 5 Series Get Busted While Drifting a Roundabout

The only awards given out while street drifting are traffic citations.

byRob Stumpf|
BMW News photo

Daniel had just left work one early Sunday morning after working an overnight shift. It was a wet morning and he was driving his 1992 BMW 520i around his quiet neighborhood streets when he came across a roundabout. What does any young car-crazed person do while in a rear-wheel-drive car in this circumstance? Well, if you're Daniel, you drift away.

The Drive spoke with him after the incident, and he gave us a rundown of the events.

He ripped through second gear while maintaining a drift around the circle. The E34 equipped with an open differential one-wheel-peeled around until it came time to exit and continue on its journey. Daniel signaled his left turn and exited...only to be immediately lit up by a police officer, who was just entering the roundabout himself.

Daniel's 1992 BMW 520i, via Facebook

"I pulled over for the police, they were good guys," Daniel said, "just [breathalyzed] me and told me to stop driving like a dick." Proper words from the officer, as this was something which could have resulted in an accident. The thought didn't phase Daniel, as he wasn't worried about damaging his car or his pride in the roundabout should an accident have occurred. He felt confident that since there were no other drivers nearby, he was safe from harming others.

Daniel has since acknowledge that his feat was dangerous, and says he now avoids doing such activities on public roads. Today, Daniel regularly tracks his E36 3 Series, as well as his K20-swapped Acura Integra.