Czech BMW i8 Police Car Crashes Less Than a Month Into Its Service

Reports say the driver suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel.

Last month, police in the Czech Republic were loaned a BMW i8 as part of a collaboration between the German automaker and the Czech police. They were to keep the hybrid sports car for six months or 20,000 kilometer, whichever came first. Unfortunately, one month into the agreement, it appears the i8 has crashed.

According to multiple Czech news sources as reported by Carscoops, the police i8 crashed as a result of a medical emergency experienced by the officer at the wheel. Details on the extent of the damage to the car and its passengers are scant at the moment, but one photo indicates that the airbags were deployed. Specifics regarding the cause of the accident are conflicting, as says the officer suffered a heart attack, while is reporting that he had a stroke. The latter publication also says the BMW was crashed into a creek, and that in addition to the i8’s driver, another young man sustained serious spinal injuries as a result of the crash. 

On a more practical note, BMW Czech Republic spokesman David Haidinger assured local members of the press that the car was under a “special accident insurance” policy and that no tax dollars would be spent on repairs as a result of this incident.

Not surprisingly, the six month/12,000-mile loan deal has been called off.