Watch a Chevy Corvette ZR1 Test Mule Roar Around Laguna Seca

What do you think of its smallblock sound?

byAaron Brown|
Watch a Chevy Corvette ZR1 Test Mule Roar Around Laguna Seca

A wimpy-sounding Chevy Corvette track car would be just plain wrong, so it's nice to see (and hear) that the upcoming Corvette expected to be called the new ZR1 has an exhaust with a raspy, mouth-watering note.

In two videos uploaded to YouTube on March 14, we see a Corvette ZR1 test mule making its way around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Unfortunately in these clips, we don't see much of how the car is performing on track (mostly they're just a collection of different angles from around the course), but what we do learn is that the car sounds unsurprisingly decent when being pushed. 

Also, you might notice that the car in the first clip happens to be missing the massive rear spoiler that we previously saw on a ZR1 test mule. On this car, the big aero piece has been replaced with a smaller spoiler. This smaller spoiler was previously seen on the convertible ZR1 test car, but here it looks like it's been fitted to a hard-top targa model. But don't worry, the larger wing can be seen making an appearance on track in some of the other clips.

The ZR1 will likely slot into the C7 Corvette's lineup right above the 650-horsepower Z06. And if it's going to try and dethrone that beast, it damn well better be just as track-proven and ready as it. The new car is expected to have around 100 more horsepower than the current top-line Z06.