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Chevy Corvette C8 Owners Aren’t Happy About Their Cars’ Wavy Interior Stitching

No way it's supposed to look like that.

After years of speculation and weeks of unforeseen production delays, the 2020 Corvette is finally here. We’ve started seeing dozens of videos, forum posts, and articles that cover nearly every aspect of the new car and, while that’s mostly a good thing for Chevrolet, not all of the attention is positive. Several Corvette Forum users have noted unsightly quality control problems in their new cars, ranging from issues with paint to electrical gremlins. Now, it’s wavy stitching on the dashboard.

Luckily for Chevy, these issues appear to be limited to only a few cars.

The sample size is still quite small, as the first round of C8s just hit our roads in the past few weeks. However, it’s hard to ignore the complaints from those with ugly car defects, which we’ve already seen before in the model’s initial production batch. It’s also impossible to deny that the stitching in the photos above is totally whack.

As it runs from the center of the dash to the passenger door, it’s clear that the upholstering is out of order. The fact that the stitching utilizes an accent color doesn’t help its cause, and neither does the fact that both of these issues are on 3LT-trimmed Corvettes. You expect more from an upmarket sports car, especially in its most premium form.

Last month, we covered an issue that involved an incorrectly sized screw chipping paint on the C8’s doors. Other one-off problems include a horn that honks itself, windows that roll up and down without warning, and spots in the car’s paint. 

It’s easy to pull out the pitchforks and torches to trash Chevy for sloppy attention to detail, but this doesn’t mean we’ll continue to see similar issues down the line. While it’s still not acceptable for those who paid $71,000 at the very least for their cars, it likely won’t be anything to worry about once the production line is smoothed over.

Chevy at least appears to be responsive to customers’ feedback. One forum user claims to have confirmation from a dealer that the company adjusted its production to correct the screw problem before the forum post even made the news. Even so, seeing such a long list of various problems isn’t the greatest for GM. The C8 Corvette is by far the most buzzed-about vehicle the automaker has produced in years, and the spotlight tends to highlight problems much more brightly than it does positive traits


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