American Flat Track Racer Jared Mees Disqualified From Atlanta Short Track

Testing of his tires revealed forbidden chemical applications.

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American Flat Track Twins racer Jared Mees was disqualified from the April 8 Atlanta Short Track event at the Dixie Speedway in Woodstock, Georgia after testing of his tires revealed the application of chemicals, which is forbidden according to the AFT rulebook. 

The AFT race had been scheduled for April 7 but was delayed until April 8, due to rain. Mees was originally scored as the race winner, which has now been stripped from him.

After the Atlanta Short Track Main Event, the AFT sampled tires from Mees, who is the defending Twins champion and three other competitors. The results showed that the other three competitors had not chemically treated their tires, but that Mees’ tire was positive for application of chemicals.  

According to a press release by the AFT, the samples were submitted to an independent lab for chemical analysis, and Mees’ sample was not in compliance, due to the presence of chemicals known to alter tire compounds. The result was that the #1 machine of Jared Mees was in violation of Rulebook section 3.8.b (pg. 44): “Tires: No chemical applications are permitted.”

According to Section A3.1 of the rulebook: Equipment Offenses and Penalties, this is a Category 1 offense. “An equipment violation that could potentially enhance the performance of a motorcycle used in competition.” Jared Mees was penalized in accordance with Section A3.3: Disqualification from the Atlanta Short Track; Total loss of points from the event; Total loss of prize money from the event; Probation for 12 months.

Revised results for the AFT Twins Main Event at the Atlanta Short Track

  1. Kenny Coolbeth, Jr.
  2. Jeffery Carver, Jr.
  3. Jarod Vanderkooi
  4. Henry Wiles
  5. Johnny Lewis
  6. Brad Baker
  7. Bryan Smith
  8. Jake Johnson
  9. Kayl Kolkman
  10. Briar Bauman
  11. Sammy Halbert
  12. Danny Eslick
  13. Brandon Robinson
  14. Chad Cose
  15. Jay Maloney
  16. Wyatt Anderson
  17. Robert Pearson

Revised point standings:

  1. Kenny Coolbeth, Jr.              36 points
  2. Henry Wiles                          32 points                     
  3. Brad Baker                            27 points
  4. Jared Mees                           25 points
  5. Jeffrey Carver, Jr.                 24 points
  6. Briar Bauman                       24 points
  7. Jake Johnson                       24 points
  8. Bryan Smith                          22 points
  9. JD Beach                              20 points
  10. Jarod Vanderkooi                 20 points
  11. Kayl Kolkman                       16 points
  12. Sammy Halbert                    16 points
  13. Johnny Lewis                       15 points
  14. Brandon Robinson               13 points
  15. Davis Fisher                         12 points
  16. Robert Pearson                   11 points
  17. Danny Eslick                         7 points
  18. Mikey Rush                           5 points
  19. Chad Cose                            5 points
  20. Jay Maloney                          4 points
  21. Wyatt Anderson                    3 points
  22. Bronson Bauman                  2 points