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Dainese Continues Partnership With American Flat Track

The demon head logo will continue to grace the dirt track.

Dainese returns for the 2018 season of American Flat Track motorcycle racing as the Official Motorcycle Safety and Race Apparel for the series. That doesn’t mean every racer will be clad in a Dainese suit, but the Dainese riders usually do pretty well. Fourteen of the 18 races last season were won by a rider wearing Dainese. Two former champions officially partnered with Dainese are Indian Motorcycles factory racers Brad Braker and Bryan Smith.

“Dainese’s mission is very clear: to improve and promote safety in dynamic sports,” said a Dainese representative in an email to The Drive. “By partnering with American Flat Track for the 2018 season, Dainese is furthering their commitment to the sport and looking forward to gathering racer feedback to steadily improve their industry leading protection gear to make riding safer for everyone.

Continuing this racing partnership is another step for Dainese in its goal to develop the very best safety technology for the track so it can trickle down to consumer products that anyone can wear for everyday riding. A good example of that is the D-Air airbag system which is refreshed for consumers for 2018.

“Dainese is the world leader in safety and technology solutions for motorcyclists of every type,” said Michael Lock, CEO of American Flat Track in a press release, “and we are delighted to be partnering with them as American Flat Track experiences rapid growth. Our AFT athletes race under unique and challenging conditions, and Dainese’s expert input will help deliver superior safety solutions for the future.”

Expect to start seeing the demon head logo on the track and probably on the podium when the 2018 AFT season begins March 15 at Daytona International Speedway.