Dainese and AGV Continue Partnership with Sky Racing Team VR46

This is the fifth consecutive year for the motorcycle racing partnership.

byEric Brandt|
Dainese and AGV Continue Partnership with Sky Racing Team VR46


Italian motorcycle gear brand Dainese and its subsidiary helmet brand AGV are entering their fifth consecutive year of partnership with the Sky Racing Team VR46 for the 2018 season. This team consists of four Italian riders competing in the Moto2 and Moto3 world championships. Those riders are Francesco Bagnaia, Luca Marini, Nicolò Bulega and Dennis Foggia.

These lucky riders will receive state-of-the-art protection from Dainese and AGV. That protection includes the AGV Pista GP R helmet which AGV claims is “the most protective helmet ever developed.” Among its unique features are a patented Visor Lock System, a Biplane spoiler for maximum aerodynamics, and an integrated hydration system.

AGV Pista GP R, Dainese/AGV

Protection from Dainese includes the D-air airbag system. If the D-air system decides to deploy based on its electronic platform and algorithm, it inflates airbags around the rider’s neck, shoulders, and collarbones. Collarbone injuries are very common in motorcycle racing because it doesn’t take much pressure to break them. The D-air system “ensures both maximum protection and comfort given that it molds to the body and shape of the rider,” according to Dainese.

Dainese D-air system, Dainese/AGV

“We are excited to share the news of Dainese and AGV as the official partner for Sky Racing Team VR46 for the 2018 motorcycle GP racing season,” said a Dainese representative in an email to The Drive. We have no doubt those four riders being protected by Dainese and AGV are excited about it as well.