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Adorable ‘H is for Honda’ Coloring Book Is Perfect for a Slow Summer Day

Perfect for the little one learning to read, or just you. You pick.
H is for Honda
via Kickstarter

Here at The Drive, we all have a thing for coloring books. So when we heard that a well-known automotive artist had a new Honda-themed project launching on Kickstarter, we knew that we had to share it with you.

The creator of the classic tuner comic Max Boost! launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for his new coloring book H is for Honda! earlier this week. The books aim to teach kids young children the A-B-Cs of car culture using Honda-themed pages that they can color, including models such as the Accord, Civic, Integra, NSX, Odyssey, Prelude, S2000, Acura ARX, and more.

There are two versions of the book. The first is a coloring book, enabling your little one to practice their crayon skills while learning the alphabet. (Eds Note: Or you, because adults like us are still working on keeping the colors inside the lines.) The second is more of a coffee table art-style book, featuring vibrant, full-color illustrations—no colored pencils required.

Honda approached the creator of Max Boost! comics, Dennis Caco, to collaborate on an art book last year. Max Boost was first published in Import Tuner in 1998 (That’s three years before The Fast and the Furious if we’re keeping track) and had nearly a 10-year publishing stint before going on hiatus. Since then, it led to a series of individual projects, toys, and more since its release. Early releases of the comic were recently republished after extremely successful rounds of fundraising campaigns that launched during the pandemic.

That being said, Caco says that Max Boost was originally created to inspire the next generation of import tuners, and his coloring book collaboration with Honda is meant to do the same thing two decades later. The books feature popular Honda models and elements (like the B-series motor), characters from the Max Boost comics, as well as cars from influencers like Amir Bentatou and Bisimoto.

Those interested in picking up either version of the book can back the project on Kickstarter. At the time of writing, the campaign successfully surpassed its initial goal of $7,500 and crested the $10,000 mark. Each copy will run $15, or you can pick up an autographed two-pack along with a sticker pack and 8×10-inch art print for $50. The books are expected to ship in September.

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