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Keep the Kids Busy (And Yourself Too) With These 2021 Ford Bronco and F-150 Coloring Pages

There's no shame in having a little "me time" with these sweet designs.

With schools remaining closed, keeping young hands and minds active during the ongoing pandemic has likely become quite a challenge for parents across the country. On the other hand, grown-ups could also use a break from all the craziness by picking up a therapeutic activity such as coloring. Ford is addressing these issues and has come out with coloring pages of the recently-released 2021 Bronco, the perfect distraction for any resident crayon-enthusiasts who happen to be old enough to remember the Bronco.

We’ve got colorless canvasses of the regular four-door Bronco, the smaller Bronco Sport configured as a beach rescue vehicle, the very rad Bronco R racing truck that competed in the Baja 1000, and even one depicting a very cool-looking dude in sunglasses climbing into his doorless Ford off-roader.

In case the kiddos aren’t fans of the Bronco or coloring, Ford has a bunch of other options like coloring pages of the new F-150 and Mustang that also include other fun Ford-themed timesinks like word searches, mazes, and even trivias on the Ford for Kids page linked here.

Other car companies have come up with free, paper-based children’s activities as well, including Toyota’s 86-themed cut-and-fold models and coloring pages featuring the products of Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan. The necessary colored pencils, printers, printer ink, and toner (What even is toner exactly?) are not included but you probably knew that already. 

Happy coloring.

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