Spend Your Quarantine Building These Paper Toyota 86s in Classic Racing Liveries

Something to keep you or the little ones busy—that isn’t Minecraft or Fortnite.

byChris Tsui|
Toyota News photo

Are you looking for a way to keep you or your young ones busy while locked up in coronavirus quarantine, but are too butterfingered for woodworking and too lazy to dust off the bicycles? Look no further, says Toyota, because it just released templates for paper 86 models you can cut out and put together yourself, eventually making for a meticulously detailed and true-to-life scale Toyota 86 replica to display around the house. Okay, that last point may be an exaggeration but, at the very least, it's something that should keep the kids occupied for a few hours.

To be precise, Toyota says each one will take around one hour to build and there are six of 'em, each wearing a different racing livery from Toyota's back catalog including one inspired by the iconic Castrol Celica GT-Four rally car.


You'll need a functional, color printer (which, we realize, can be kind of a big ask), scissors, glue, and of course, paper. Toyota recommends using bigger A3-size paper if possible for models that'll be easier to work with and bigger when all is said and done. We might even recommend using thicker, less crumple-prone card stock paper if you have it and a box cutter instead of cumbersome scissors depending on how seriously you want to take this.

Just looking at the templates, this should be pretty self-explanatory, but in the off-chance you need it spelled out, start by cutting the panels out with the white, dotted tabs intact. Then, fold said tabs and use them to glue or tape the panels together.

Here are the high-res PDFs you can print out to get started:


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