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Watch a Practically Destroyed Toyota 86 Miraculously Drive Under Its Own Power

How is this possible?

Crash testing and real-life car crashes are interesting ways of discovering the engineering prowess behind huge hunks of metal or plastic. Prior to a crash, the sum of these parts typically formed a vehicle much loved or needed by its respective owner, so seeing them reduced to nothing more than a pile of twisted metal can be difficult—and sometimes even emotional. Luckily, we aren’t aware of any serious injuries related to this mangled Toyota 86, so we’re focusing on the mind-blowing fact that the practically destroyed sports car can still drive under its own power.

Despite the obviously catastrophic events that led up the vehicle’s current condition, the little 86 seems to scoot “just fine” down a parking lot. Sure, the A-pillar is missing, nearly every corner crumpled, and not a single piece of glass looks to be intact, but the fact that enough driveline components still work is simply remarkable.

After doing some digging, it appears that this Toyota 86 arrived at 417 Motoring Parts earlier this month, a sort of junkyard turned collision/parts store. 417 Motoring Parts posted another photo to Instagram on Tuesday allegedly selling the motor extracted from the crashed 86. The company advertises the plucked FA20 to be from a 2019 car with just 6,500 miles on the odometer, meaning that this ride was certainly short-lived before becoming a total loss.

It’s unclear if the engine has already been spoken for, but needless to say, it could make a great little powerplant for that summer project of yours. As far as the rest of the car, we’re pretty sure only the headlights can be saved from the car crusher.