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Waze Now Lets You Record Your Own Navigation Commands

Get to where you're going, to the sound of your own voice.

Are you the kind of man who has trouble taking directions from anyone other than himself? If so, today is your lucky day—as long as you have an Android phone and use Waze. The popular map app received an update yesterday that lets users record their own voice commands. According to The Verge, the feature, which Waze dubs “the Waze voice recorder,” can be activated by going into the app’s Settings, then selecting “Sound & Voice” and, when prompted, recordubg your own interpretations of Waze’s 39 audio commands. 

Want to program directions in your mother tongue for your immigrant parent’s phone? Easier than ever. Wanna dictate every “right” as “left” and every “left” as “right” on your buddy’s phone you just found foolishly unlocked? Hilarious, and possible. Or perhaps you’re still in high school, or still as immature, and want to make your passengers roll their eyes with provocative, edgy, profanity-laced commands; no one’s stopping you now. For most people, however, we suspect it’ll be one of those features that’s fun to mess around with once before promptly setting it back to how you had it before. 

The Waze voice recorder feature is only available on Android for now, with iOS implementation presumably coming … eventually. (Unsurprising, considering who owns the much-loved navigation app.)