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Watch This Wizard Carve an Exquisite Toyota Land Cruiser Out of Wood

Talent—this guy has a lot more than us.

For folks looking to keep themselves busy and acquire a new skill while in quarantine, woodworking might just be the ticket. Besides never having to pay for furniture ever again, you can teach yourself to build rad things like absurdly detailed scale models of your favorite cars. In case you needed some inspiration, here’s one talented craftsman literally carving out just that: a miniature Toyota Land Cruiser using only simple planks of wood. Heck, it even has functioning doors, tailgate, and wheels that spin and steer.

Does anybody else feel like a maladroit nincompoop after watching that, or is it just me?

The badges, the tread on the tires, the roof rails, the meticulously sculpted front end! Sure, a diecast or plastic scale model from the likes of AutoArt or Tamiya might be more accurate, but you gotta respect the hell out of something assembled from absolute scratch. In the words of some of our more industrious friends, “built, not bought.”

Apparently hailing from Vietnam, the Woodworking Art YouTube channel has built other cars before including a Bugatti Chiron and President Trump’s “Beast” Cadillac state car, the latter of which was milled out of a single, solid block of wood. In between the cars, though, the channel also dabbles in some equally—if not more—impressive models of animals and superheroes. 

In case he’s accepting unsolicited suggestions as to what the next wooden car should be, we think some sort of Morgan is definitely in order. A 3 Wheeler perhaps? Bonus points if it’s in #Polizei144 Alex Roy-spec.

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