Morgan 3 Wheeler Vs. Vanderhall Venice: A (Slightly Biased) One-Man Comparison Test

Anyone who’s driven a Morgan 3 Wheeler knows it’s the world’s best car. Anyone who’s owned one knows it’s also the worst. Me? I don’t care. Driving experience? Pride of ownership? Value? My 3 Wheeler—like every Morgan—is one of the last true analog cars, which means only true car people can appreciate it. Ask any reviewer. The Morgan always wins. Even when it loses, it wins. 

Bugatti Chirons and Lamborghini Aventadors are for cowards. Too easy to drive. Too reliable. Hard to park. Harder to insure. You want a true exotic? The Morgan 3 Wheeler is for you.

Which is why it makes no sense that anyone—especially an upstart manufacturer like Utah’s Vanderhall Motor Works, which is making three-wheeled road-going cars of its own—would even bother to offer me a press car for comparison against the Morgan.

What happens when the Vanderhall Venice is pitted against my favorite/least-favorite car? Here’s your chance to find out. Just hit play on the video below. 

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