Morgan 3-Wheeler Vs. 1955 Land Rover Series 1: A Very Biased Comparison Test

After soundly defeating the Vanderhall Venice last week, my Morgan 3 Wheeler remains the world’s best/worst car. Those boys from Utah didn’t stand a chance. You who else doesn’t a chance? The dozens of Lambo and Ferrari owners who saw Episode 2 and offered to bring their Huracans and 488s to Brooklyn for a face-off.

But why bother reviewing those Italian lawn mowers? If you like meeting 14-year old boys and hanging out with that fool Shmee150, here’s a list of Ferrari’s U.S. dealer list. When people talk about how much passion they have for cars, they’re really saying that they like one-way relationships. Relationships without pushback. What a bunch of sissies. True love requires friction. True love means fighting a bit and making up. For that, the Morgan 3 Wheeler will give you a relationship unlike any other.

Ask any owner. The Morgan always wins. Even when it loses, it wins. Unless a very special car comes along. Something with real character. Something uniquely amazing and awful.

Which is why it perfect sense that Alloy and Grit Magazine—experts in all things British, awesome and terrible—would lend me their 1955 Land Rover Series 1 for a head-to-head comparo in a battle of patina, bailing wire, and Lucas electronics.

What happens when a Land Rover Series 1 is pitted against the world’s best/worst car? Here’s your chance to find out. Just hit play on the video below.


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