Success! The Drive Sets World Record in Morgan 3 Wheeler

A whole mess of records, actually. Read the exclusive story.

Chris Cantle/

It’s done.

41 hours, 49 minutes.

41 hours, 49 minutes of rain and slush, and cold.

41 hours, 49 minutes of sleep deprivation and discomfort, dancing with inherent instability.

41 hours, 49 minutes, from Los Angeles to New York City, sets the new cross-country 3 Wheeler record. The Morgan record. The open-top vehicle record. The open-wheeled vehicle record. The wood-framed vehicle record. The V-twin record.

Meet The Drive’s newest contributing editor, Zach Bowman, and read his account of a hellish, surreal, 2,823-mile drive across America in Alex Roy’s Morgan 3 Wheeler here.