Morgan Versus Porsche 911 Carrera S: a Very Biased Comparison

What happens when the world’s best/worst British car meets iconic German iron?

byAlex Roy|
Porsche Reviews photo

Let's go back to World War 2. Do you know how the British finally sunk the Bismarck? It didn't take much. Just a few obsolete Swordfish biplane torpedo bombers whose wings weren't even metal. Yup, the Brits used fabric. That's the thing. No matter how much engineering you put into something, you can't beat simplicity. Grit. Wood.

You know where this is going.

This week on Morgan Versus, the world's best/worst car — my Morgan 3-wheeler — faces off with Germany's best. Maybe not their absolute best. But a pretty good one: a 201x Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet. What year is the Porsche? I forgot. Actually, I didn't even really check. Does it matter? No. Every Porsche is the best Germany could do in any given year. You can't say that about British cars. I think this 911 is a 2013. Guess what?

No one cares. Ok, maybe fools like Shmee150, who think new new is better.

Is the Morgan junk? Even if it is, it's still the best car I've ever owned, and the greatest driving experience of all time. The Porsche? Even if it's perfect, it's still junk compared to the Morgan. Why? Because some things can't be measured. Actually, they can, just not with numbers.

For the record, I own a 911. I love it. It's a 1987 Targa, and it's amazing. But that car wasn't available, so instead we have this sacrificial lamb. Let's find out close it was, or if the Porsche got torpedoed.

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